diesel disco the resurrection edition

warning: someone let these guys have a microphone. this shit sounds like a college radio show in the late 90s, but with less professionalism and more swearing. therefore, it is really awesome.

kuniyuki - precious hall [natural resource] primitive urges - lapis lazuli [primitive] congress - better grooves [inner rhythm] daniel wang - like some dream i can't stop dreaming [balihu] ??? a guy called gerald - voodoo ray [warlock] raze - break for love [champion] vivace - 2 need u (brendan moeller's dub) [vivace] laid ft emma - love affair [loaded] blawan - getting me down (unofficial remix) l.a. synthesis vs johnny astro - doidy dawg [ultimatum breaks] sensurreal - maricultures [op-art] insync vs mysteron - planetarium [10th planet] freaky chakra - fat buzz [astralwerks] luke slater - secret garden riley reinhold - lull [my best friend] aurasfere - greenhouse effect [experimental] dave angel - original man [aura surround] john foxx - touch and go bango - mystical adventure [fragile] rob hood - unix [axis] armand van helden - witchdokta [strictly rhythm] after dark - cardiac [orbit] system 01 - drugs work [tresor] p.o.b. - boiler [platipus] wechselspannung - 220v [reflective/fax] mathew johnson - followed by angels [itiswhatitis] centry meets the music family - release the chains [rumour] sensitive - don't stop [i.d. limited] deymare - so real [quintessentials] 69 - frequency finale [planet e] legion of green men - midnight genius [post contemporary] music & movement - ambiguity [sparnrd aalborg] michael stearns - something's moving [continuum montage] bandulu - phaze-in-version [infonet] castle trancelott - indoctrinate [slate] sy-kick - new day [hard & pure] mastersafe - in your eyes [formation] joanna law - first time ever (mellow bump) [citybeat] scud & nomex - total destruction mocean worker - diagnosis [conscience] sun electric - eya (future forces remix) [apollo] drunken masters - how much [dope ammo] sharp scientific - stratocruiser [silent] aquarius - the dolphin tune [good lookin'] jaydee - plastic dreams [epic]