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ultrawizardsword is a thing we do. we play music and you listen to it.

the council of ultrawizards are dedicated to bringing you stupidity and booze with integrity. every friday night, we feature artists hailing from our music community of friends and guests from around the world with no underground genre restrictions, no preconceived notions, and no rules (and sometimes we broadcast video too).

upcoming broadcasts (all times pacific then eastern)

  • 04.16.21 5pm/8pm - sean thomas (drumsong soundsystems, philadelphia)
  • 04.23.21 5pm/8pm - darrell stout (420 magic, cleveland)
  • 04.30.21 5pm/8pm - bad person (perfect location, houston)
  • 05.07.21 5pm/8pm - zaiden (uws, south africa)
  • 05.14.21 5pm/8pm - c.scott (pittsburgh tracks, pittsburgh)
  • 05.21.21 5pm/8pm - frank glazer aka deejay count zer0 (infinitestatemachine.com, pittsburgh)
  • 05.28.21 5pm/8pm - reserved
  • 06.04.21 5pm/8pm - jonny290 (liquid zaddy, denver)
  • 06.11.21 5pm/8pm - reserved
  • 06.18.21 5pm/8pm - acid daddy (nbfc/identity spectrum records, chicago)

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