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ultrawizardsword is a thing we do. we play music and you listen to it.

the council of ultrawizards welcomes you to a world of stupidity, booze and musical integrity. each friday evening we proudly provide a platform for some of our closest friends, musical family and talent from all over the world to showcase their unique sound. no egos, no rules… just community. join us, won’t you?

upcoming broadcasts (all times pacific then eastern)

  • 12.03.21 5pm/8pm - yamanaka (depth/omaya records, seattle)
  • 12.10.21 5pm/8pm - solid+informed (opossum/paying attn, argentina)
  • 12.17.21 5pm/8pm - sappho (ugsf/koritsi komma, portland)
  • 12.24.21 5pm/8pm - uws grinch special (maybe)
  • 12.31.21 5pm/8pm - uws nye special 2022
  • 01.07.22 5pm/8pm - alan smithee (criterion, cannes)
  • 01.14.22 5pm/8pm - kaz[i]:e (minimalis semper fidelis, romania)
  • 01.21.22 5pm/8pm - clubber lang (soulhaus, pittsburgh)
  • 01.28.22 5pm/8pm - sufèr (sufèr audio, montreal)
  • 02.11.22 5pm/8pm - fbk (rekids/mdr/frictional, columbus)
  • 02.25.22 3pm/6pm - caley b2b exhouse (uws, san jose)

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